Election 2012

Demographic Breakdown of the Vote (12 November 2012)

Crediting Obama’s victory to high minority turnout ignores the fact that minorities make up such a large part of the country and that Obama’s supporters reflect the demographic reality in the country.

Why Obama Won ( November 2012)

Republicans have been doing a lot of soul searching following Tuesday’s election and have come up with various explanations as to why their candidate lost. The country is changing and the party is out of step.

Why I Am not Voting (5 November 2012)

I support Barack Obama for the Presidency, but hope he loses the popular vote. As much as I want the President to complete a second term in office, any loss in legitimacy would be offset by the prospects of replacing the Electoral College (EC) with a national popular vote.

How to Get Rid of the Electoral College Without Abolishing it (2 November 2012)

The Electoral College (EC) is a lot like the weather in that, as Charles Dudley Warner said, everybody complains about it, but nobody does anything about it. For once, it seems that people are doing something, but not in the conventional manner – and it doesn’t even require changing the Constitution.

The Electoral College: Affirmative Action for Smaller States (31 October 2012)

Over-representation of small state makes some sense in the Congress where laws are created, but not in Presidential elections. National interests should trump state interests here. I am not asking for more representation than anyone else – only equal representation.

White People and Obama (24 October 2012)

Barack Obama’s ascendance to the Presidency nearly four years ago sent a signal to the world that Americans were ready to accept a non-White person as their leader. In the eyes of the world, this mostly meant that White Americans were ready to accept him.

Are you not entertained? (12 October 2012)

Determining a winner is important, but it would be nice if news networks would focus more on who was right and wrong, rather than who won the debate. It would be nice to hear about what the candidates said, rather than how they said it.

How the Electoral College Works (or Doesn’t) (3 October 2012)

The Electoral College marginalizes the votes of people in all but a handful of states. Presidential candidates do not speak to the whole country, but only to the swing states (Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina, Nevada and Iowa) that matter – the rest of us are more or less irrelevant.

Romney Overpays Taxes in Effort to “Fit In” (23 September 2012)

Romney is paying more taxes than required in order to avoid looking like a liar and an under-taxed rich guy. Had he not been running for president, he would have claimed his full deduction. By going against his own stated principles, it is just yet another indication that the candidate is a phony who will say and do anything to win.

About the 47% (21 September 2012)

Romney’s comments about the “47%” may have been offensive, but they were also wrong. Less than 10 percent of Americans pay no federal tax on their income. Mitt Romney is either confused, or pretending to be confused to impress his rich friends.

Paul Ryan Is a Liar (31 August 2012)

Last night’s exhibition was “an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single political speech”.

Obama Slings Mud – Republicans Offended (3 May 2012)

There seems to be a total lack of consistency in political language. Ideology has gone by the wayside. Both parties want their side to win – politics is increasingly becoming a sport.

The Real Campaign Just Began(26 April 2012)

Today we try something new. A breakdown of a longform article (interview actually). President Obama’s interview with Rolling Stone wasn’t groundbreaking, but it was insightful. Also, given that Mitt Romney has finally solidified his position as the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, it makes sense to take a look at the President’s first major interview of the campaign season.


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