A Muslim King of England or Female Pope?

Both the Papacy and Monarchy are outdated and have a rich history of absurdity. Vote on which one will take that next big step. 

So I was making fun of the British royal family as I normally do when I started playing devil’s advocate with myself. As a Catholic, I too am a member of an ancient institution that has a knack for alienating its own subjects/adherents.

I am a republican. Not in the sense of the American party, but in that I am an anti-royalist. The idea that a certain group of people, by accident of history and bloodline can formally and legally hold themselves in a higher authority than others is absurd. Such practices are fundamentally at odds with our modern principles of humanity. But then why do I keep receiving communion and bowing my head to priests when I know they are also part of and exclusive club that needs to open up? I suppose tradition and heritage do matter. I’ll go so far as to say that I will tolerate any person’s fondness for the Monarchy in their country – the rest of you fans are just silly.

How can the King or Queen possibly have legitimacy in a Britain that is increasingly non-white and non-Christian? What will happen if whites or Christians should ever become the minority? How can the Catholic Church even claim to be universal (that’s actually the definition of the word catholic) when more than half of its adherents are automatically second class citizens at birth? I thought it most prudent to push this to the hypothetical extreme:

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