NYC Bans Large Soft Drinks (kind of)

NYC takes one step closer to becoming a nanny state – can fat people learn to drink from two hands?

It’s finally happened. I thought it was just political posturing on the part of Mayor Mike Bloomberg in some strange effort to appear health conscious to the general public and provide fodder for Jon Stewart. The ban, which is scheduled to come into effect in six months, was approved, by an 8-1 margin by the City’s Board of Health, an appointed body within the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (no clue what mental hygiene is).

The new law would prohibit the sale of soft drinks exceeding 16 oz. (473 ml) in fast food restaurants, amusement parks, sports venues and movie theaters. Bust rest assured, the ban would not affect 7-11 (which is technically a supermarket), which sells what is perhaps the most famous oversized beverage in the world – the Big Gulp. Not only will the regular Big Gulp Slurpee (32 oz/946 ml) continue to be legal, but so will the Super Big Gulp (44 oz/1,301 ml),  Xtreme Gulp (52 oz/1,538 ml) and the Double Big Gulp (64 oz/1,893 ml).

This all boils down to a matter of public health and individual liberty. According to the Bloomberg administration, “nearly 6,000  New Yorkers die annually as a result of obesity and one in eight adult New Yorkers now has diabetes…if New Yorkers on average reduced portion size from 20 ounces to 16 ounces for one sugary drink every 2 weeks, with no other changes, the New Yorkers would collectively save approximately 2.3 million pounds over one year.”

Civil Libertarians on the other hand feel that it’s every persons right to consume as much garbage as they want to. Mayor Bloomberg’s response is, if you wanna gorge on soda, drink from two glasses fatso.

The whole thing just seems so bizarre – almost as if it’s out of an Onion article. Perhaps the funniest thing about this article is that you’re not exactly sure where the truth ends and the parody begin.


5 thoughts on “NYC Bans Large Soft Drinks (kind of)

  1. I clicked on the link to the Onion page within your article, and there was a banner ad displayed from 7-11 titled “7-Election 2012” featuring two big ass soda cups. One said “Obama 7-Election” and the other “Romney 7-Election”. The tagline reads “Choose your cup. Cast your vote.”

  2. Whatever issue related to mental disorder is under the mental hygiene (or health). Basically having a good mental hygiene means being well mentally and this also includes having healthy nutritional habits. Excess of sugar has negative effects on the brain directly and indirectly.

  3. ewww, I was aware of (and aready totally grossed out by) the Big Gulp. but had no idea American fatassness took it to the next level with the Super Big Gulp, Xtreme Gulp and the Double Big Gulp.

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