The Slutty Pumpkin

Why are sexy Halloween costumes only for women? I discovered a great tumblr the other day, entitled Fuck No Sexist Halloween Costume. It doesn’t matter whether the theme is Star Wars, angels or zombies – men are made to look the part, and women are made to look sexy and barely look the part. My favorite are the mummy costumes – she’s either a mummy or really injured.

Halloween is just another example of asymmetric gender roles. As adults, we’re placed into this clever/sexy gendered dichotomy. As children this works similarly, but in a less provocative way.  Instead of clever/sexy, it’s usually something along the lines of superhero/princess.

I came across a hidden camera experiment conducted by ABC News in which a pair of actors pretending to be mother and son get into an argument in a costume store because the son wants to be a princess for Halloween. Later on we see the same argument staged with a girl who wants to be Spiderman.

As far as the girl being allowed to dress up as Spiderman, I’m all for it! But the boy who wanted to be a Disney princess? It’s all well an good that ABC News wants to break gender stereotypes, but I’m not so sure how I would react if my son wanted to be a princess. If I could be sure that he wouldn’t get beat up for it, then sure. I’d have to be sure that he was mentally and physically prepared to handle himself as a princess.

I like sexy female costumes as much as the next guy, but I also think it’s unfortunate that we tell every little girl she has to be a princess only to eventually pigeonhole them as adults to fulfill our male Halloween fantasies.


If during one of the multiple times I have dressed as a sexy lady for Halloween, I offended anyone, I apologize. If I fulfilled your Halloween fantasies, you are very welcome.


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