Remembering 2012

It was a leap year – the first one in four years. Mr Cyriac started blogging. It was cold in January, unless you were in Florida or Arizona, in which case it was mild. Spring continued to bloom in Syria and people died. A plump young man completed his first month as supreme leader of The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. In 2012, about 55 million people died while 135 million people were born. A woman born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary celebrated her 60th year as Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. One of Edvard Munch’s Scream paintings, of which there are four, sold for $120 million.

Venus passed between the Sun and the Earth. Scientists found the Higgs Boson particle at a Large Hadron Collider and began to wonder what to do next. London put on an Olympic show with skydiving monarchs and sheep. For two days, 600 million Indians went without electricity in what was the largest power outage ever. Mr Cyriac and Miss Dodson went to Delhi. The unlikely became the absurd and people throughout the country began questioning why they ever started watching Homeland in the first place. Scientists concluded that chocolate may be good for the heart. Fareed Zakaria apologized for copying and pasting. Comic book movies continued to make money.

Several celebrity couples broke up. Fights between fans of rival football teams in Egypt killed more than 70. Hurricane Sandy killed more than 200 in the Western Hemisphere. Typhoon Bopha killed more than 1000 in East Asia. More than 500 people were murdered in Chicago.

A man named Felix jumped from a balloon in space. Brooklyn got a basketball team. The UN General Assembly approved the recognition of Palestine as a non-member Observer State. Miss Dodson became a certified yoga instructor. The UN Climate Change Commission extended the Kyoto Protocol until 2020 – The US is still one of the only countries to not have ratified the original treaty. Israel and Gaza continued to be Israel and Gaza. A student was savagely gang raped on a bus in Delhi, setting off protests and the beginning of a national conversation. The European Union received the Nobel Peace Prize. Barack Obama was re-elected. Six weeks after being convicted of fraud and tax evasion, Silvio Berlusconi (age 76) announced his candidacy to become Italy’s Prime Minister for the fourth time.

New Yorkers are holding bigger balls for charity. Apparently Ray William Johnson has a girlfriend. For three hours, 228 customers at a coffee shop in Canada paid for other people’s drinks. I finally saw Billy Wilder’s The Apartment and absolutely loved it. Gangnam Style passed 1 billion views on Youtube. David Brooks is still the whitest man in America, except for maybe George Will. December 21st came. And then December 22nd came. Washington and Colorado legalized pot. Gay people can now get gay married in 9 states. NASA’s robot successfully landed on Mars and fired lasers at rocks.


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