Republicans’ Groundhog Budget

If you want to understand the new GOP budget, read the old one. Give money to Republican voters and cut everybody else out.

Old habits die hard. Paul Ryan and the House Republicans have offered up a budget that is almost identical to the one proposed last year – the one that was roundly rejected by voters in November 2012. The most revealing aspect of the proposed budget is that the GOP cares about cutting government spending only when the beneficiaries of said spending do not vote Republican.

The following graph from The Atlantic breaks down the cuts according to major federal expenditures.Ryan Budget Breakdown

Which programs are left alone? Defense, social security and Medicare. These three programs alone account for half of the federal budget which make them obvious candidates for cuts. But since the people who receive money under these programs tend to vote Republican, they are immune from any real cuts.

Which programs are under threat? Essentially everything else. Everything must go. Education, Medicaid, unemployment insurance, and of course (they can’t let it go) Obamacare.

If Republicans proposed a budget that made across the board cuts, at least that would make sense. At least it would be ideologically consistent. One might, at the very least, believe that they are trying to fix the problem rather than do whatever it takes to obstruct the current administration and get elected themselves.

The current GOP strategy of supporting massive government programs for their constituents, while at the same time calling for massive cuts to everything else is insincere, hypocritical and just douchey. What we’re stuck in now is an endless cycle of fiscal cliffs, sequesters and threats of government shutdown with a minority party that sees no problem with violating their own principles as long as it hurts the other side.


3 thoughts on “Republicans’ Groundhog Budget

    1. “Close to six in 10 seniors backed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney”.

      Old folks almost always tend to vote GOP at the national level. One can argue as to why they do so, but there more or less a consensus that they do lean right.

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