Month in Review: March 2013

The Mars Curiosity rover drilled into a rock and found clay – yet another sign that the planet had flowing water and conditions that were potentially life-sustaining. Topographical analysis had led scientists to believe that if there were oceans on Mars, the planet would look like this. A man in New Jersey was arrested for stealing 21 tons of cheese, with an estimated street value of $200,000.

The Euro is doomed – here’s why, in 4 steps. Bassem Youssef, the political satirist known as the Jon Stewart of Egypt, faces an arrest warrant for insulting the President Morsi and Islam. Google has released street-view images of Namie, an abandoned town of 21,000 (now zero) just north of the Fukushima nuclear incident. Rush Limbaugh has thoughts on Beyonce’s new song, and he’s not completely wrong. Tiger Woods is once again the number one ranked golfer in the world. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took a picture with Shaq.

For the first time since 1997, Pepsi has changed it’s bottle design, adding swirled grips and a torpedo shape to capture the youthful zest of its core target demographic.  Many Venezuelans are turning late President Hugo Chavez into a saint The Chinese version of Iron Man 3, set to be released this summer, will feature extra content with “significant Chinese elements” that will not be seen by viewers in other parts of the world. Cook book memoirs are actually husband-hunting guides.

Another woman was gang-raped in India. Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi resigned over the decision of his government to send two Italian soldiers back to India to face trial over the killing of two Indian fisherman last year. The Vatican Cardinals chose a new Pope – a Jesuit at that. Marshmallow Peeps that have been left out for a year look remarkably like “fresh” Peeps. An Idaho school teacher is facing disciplinary action for using the word “vagina” and describing orgasm in a sex-ed class.

New York City and it’s police department have been charged in a class action lawsuit over the controversial stop-and-frisk policy. Police in Bangalore have started placing cardboard cutouts of traffic officers by roadsides to reduce reckless driving by fooling motorists into thinking they are being observed. The most disturbing dance form in the world has been identified. The bacon condom has arrived.


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