Guilty As Charged

My apologies to the Arab women who were almost tempted by my handsomeness. I’ll think twice next time.

Many of you may be wondering where I have been these past two weeks. Mr Cyriac is not one to abandon his blog without a good reason. Since Miss Dodson was out of town, I thought it would be a good opportunity to head to Saudi Arabia to check out a cultural festival – don’t ask which one.

To my surprise, the authorities were quick to kick me out of the festival and the country. My crime? Being too handsome. The independent Arab newspaper Alaph reported:

“A festival official said the three Emiratis were taken out on the grounds they are too handsome and that the Commission members feared female visitors could fall for them,”

The Police stormed the booth that my associates and I were operating (selling pickled mangos if you must know). Now you may be wondering how this could possibly have been me since all the news reports say the men were from the UAE. Yet another detestable act of profiling – the minute the Saudi officials learned that I was born in Kerala, they sent the three of us on the first plane to Dubai figuring that any Malayalee in the Gulf region must be from there.

If this were the first time I were kicked out of an Arab country for being too handsome, I could almost understand – just a misunderstanding – let bygones be bygones. Let it be known that henceforth, Mr Cyriac will be once again blogging regularly and avoiding any and all cultural festivities in Saudi Arabia. To my readers and the women of Saudi Arabia, I’m sorry.

And one more thing. The pickle stand was operated by four people actually. Our female business partner was permitted to stay. Apparently, her beauty (seen below) was not a problem for the Saudi government.Niqab

Read more about it in the National Post, Deccan Chronicle, and of course, GQ.


4 thoughts on “Guilty As Charged

  1. That’s great. Congratulations. Anyway, this strange injustice is making me want to start a counter movement. I want to shelter all the handsome men turned away from the Arab world. All welcome to crash with me.

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