November 2013 in Review

This past month, two of the greatest music videos in history were put out – Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone gets a multi-channel video 48 years after the song’s release and Pharrell gives us a 24 hour video to Happy. In other music video news, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is featured in a music video which kinda feels like’s 2008 Obama video.

Researchers at Cornell University accidentally destroyed more than $200,000 of horse semen by using a defective cryogenic storage tank. According to the US government, you do not own your smartphone upon purchasing it. There is a high school football team in Arkansas that never punts. Compton has a cricket club, and they even had tea with the Prince of England. Officials in Beijing are fighting air pollution by destroying barbeques.

The ACLU of Colorado released a documentary on Sam Mendez, a man who wrongfully spent half his life in prison (15 in solitary confinement), for a murder that he supposedly committed when he was 14 years old. More than 70% of Walmart’s employees will be working on Thanksgiving. Walmart decided to help out its less fortunate employees by holding a food drive. Americans are driving much less, and it’s not because of the economic downturn. Seattle elected a socialist to its city council. A sperm whale exploded.

The General Synod of the Church of England voted in favor of ordaining women bishops by 2014. Islamists in Turkey think about sex – a lot. People living in diverse communities do not trust one another. Rihanna rocked a doobie at the American Music Awards.

J.P. Morgan agreed to pay the US Government $13.1 billion in the largest settlement in US history. Magnus Carlsen of Norway becomes the new world champion of chess and attains the highest international rating ever. After learning that an ad of theirs featuring a man in a turban had been vandalized with racist graffiti, GAP placed his image as their new Twitter background.

Thanksgiving and the first day of Hanukkah fell on the same day, and this is supposedly bad for Jews and everybody else. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford might smoke crack (only when he gets wasted though) but his city still loves him, or maybe not.






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