What does it mean to be an American? What does it mean to be a citizen elsewhere? These are the questions that are at the heart of this site. We live in a period of political and cultural reorientation during which the relationship between nation-states and its citizens are being reinvented. Mr Cyriac seeks to make sense of politics and culture in the United States and around the world and his primary lens of analysis is politics but it also include culture (whatever that means), technology and economics. 

Mr Cyriac is not actually going to Washington. He was raised in the Bronx and has lived in Italy, India and Norway. Washington is a nexus of political events and it serves as the metaphorical point of departure for the analysis offered on this site. Happy reading. 


The title Mr Cyriac Goes to Washington is inspired by the 1939 film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington in which a regular guy from a regular town confronts the political system. In part, this blog believes that the meaning of this word “regular” has changed so much over the past few decades. “Regular” can no longer be determined by race, gender, religion or geography. Mr Cyriac seeks to confront the political and cultural system and explore a new mainstream, if one should exist, in America and around the world.


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