Hollywood’s White Savior Complex (26 Feb 2013)

The American film industry has a habit of casting white people as heroes who go out of their way to save the “others”. By themselves, these movies do not portend any significant ideas on the depiction of race in movies. Seen together, the pattern is undeniable

So God Made a (White) Farmer (14 Feb 2013)

thank you jesus

Relax white people – we should respect farmers, but no need to steal thunder from marginalized and underappreciated Latinos. The desire to appropriate the identity of the yeoman farmer has deep roots in American history and has resulted in the creation of this extremely whitewashed ad.

Affirmative Action Hurts Minorities the Most (15 October 2012)

Affirmative action has been taken too far. The mismatch that is created between university demands and student capabilities is too great and its biggest victims are its intended beneficiaries. Does systemic racism still exist? Yes, but our current affirmative action strategy is not the solution.

Don’t Google Image Search Asians (3 July 2012)

Upon completing a Google image search for Asian – the results were almost entirely pornographic in nature. Since Google’s algorithm shows results based on popularity, my search results suggest that when people do an image search for Asian, they are almost always looking for pornographic images.

What’s an Asian (American)? (22 June 2012)

The only thing that binds Asian Americans is the common fear of disappointing our parents. It always seemed absurd to lump together 60% of the world’s population into one group. Geographically, Europe and Asia are obviously part of the same landmass, so why this arbitrary boundary of the Ural mountains?

Here Come the Asians (21 June 2012)

In 2010, for the first time Asian immigration outnumbered Hispanic immigration. Asians currently comprise the largest stream of immigrants in the country. We see an increasingly colorful demographic picture in the coming decades. Until 1965, immigration from Asia was essentially forbidden.

What’s a Hispanic? (21 May 2012)

The non-Hispanic White population is declining whereas that of White Hispanics is increasing. The difference between the two, or lack thereof, will hold the key to determining mainstream American identity.

White Baby Population Falls Below 50% (18 May 2012)

White babies are now a minority. White people will soon be one too. Will these changes affect the way we interact among one another? This may have dramatic implications in terms of what it means to be an American. In many ways,  it can already be felt. In a few decades, the US will be the only major Western country to not have a White majority.

Missing: Beautiful, Black Women (1 February 2012)

Hollywood is eager to showcase dark-skinned beauties, just not too dark. Colorism is more subtle than racism, which makes it dangerous in a totally different way. Plenty of black women are considered beautiful, but the most famous ones almost always conform to white standards of beauty.

Is Superman American? (31 January 2012)

He was born far away but came here as a baby. For some, he’ll always be an outsider. This was the guy who fought for “truth, justice and the American way”. In a small way, the story of the superhero from Krypton sheds light on our current idea of America.

The Rise of the Ironic White Rapper (25 January 2012)

Self-deprecation and irony are pushing the boundaries of the rap world, but only among white artists. Where are the weird black rappers? Do white rappers have a hard time being taken seriously as tough thugs? Are black rappers pigeonholed and prevented from exploring more tongue-in-cheek personas?


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