Why Filibuster Reform Matters (25 November 2013)

filibuster of executive nominations

In some ways, this is the end of congressional propriety, and it’s not because Washington is divided. It’s because the country is divided. Every society must deal with the contradictory forces that pull it apart and keep it together. This contradiction is currently manifesting itself in ways not seen since the civil rights era.

Urban Rural Politics: America’s Biggest Divide (12 December 2012)

2008 Omaha

The starkest divide in American political culture is not between north and south. It is not between whites and “minorities” – not even heartland and coasts. Nothing captures the red-blue divide in the US quite like the disparity between cities and suburban/rural areas.

The Bitter Bluff of Secession (16 November 2012)

There are currently petitions in all 50 states to secede from the Union due to the “unfortunate” results of the election. If the most ardent of these secession petitioners actually got their way, they’d be a lot worse off and the rest of us would be a lot better off.

Human Development Index Among Red and Blue States (19 October 2012)

It’s easy to get confused by the endless red-state blue-state rhetoric during this election season (which is to say, the past six years). We have a clear division among states in terms of the role of government and its effectiveness. Although it may offend many, one system is superior to the other. The choice between living in Scandinavia and Guatemala is clear.

How the Electoral College Works (or Doesn’t) (3 October 2012)

The Electoral College marginalizes the votes of people in all but a handful of states. Presidential candidates do not speak to the whole country, but only to the swing states (Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina, Nevada and Iowa) that matter – the rest of us are more or less irrelevant.

Obama Slings Mud – Republicans Offended (3 May 2012)

There seems to be a total lack of consistency in political language. Ideology has gone by the wayside. Both parties want their side to win – politics is increasingly becoming a sport.

Filibuster Blues (24 April 2012)

The filibuster was once a measure of last resort. It is now used casually and consistently to obstruct legislation, debilitate the Senate and turn our government into an ineffective debate club. It does not look like it’s going to get any better any time soon.

The Republican Suicide

When Barack Obama was elected in 2008 it almost felt like the beginning of a progressive renaissance – the 2010 elections dashed any such hopes/quelled any such fears. 2012 will not be a progressive renaissance, but it may be the turning point after which the GOP must rethink and reconstitute itself.

How Blue States Subsidize Red States (23 February 2012)

There is mounting evidence that most conservative (red) states receive much more money from the federal government than they contribute in taxes, whereas most blue states are net contributors to the federal coffers. Blue states are effectively subsidizing red states – and have been doing so for years.


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